American English Pronunciation eBook

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American English Pronunciation eBook

Rachel's English

The Rachel's English Guide to Sounding American 

Rachel's eBook shows you, from start to finish, how to improve your English speaking skills.  Improve your English to excel at work or school and feel at ease speaking with Americans.

What makes this book different?

Learn concepts together: The problem with many English pronunciation books is that you learn one concept, then another. In American English Pronunciation, you'll find an integrated approach and learn concepts together. For example, when you learn the sounds, you'll study what they're like in stressed and unstressed syllables.

Study real conversation: A large chapter at the end takes all of the concepts you've learned and applies them to real conversations you'll hear in everyday American English. Study English the way Americans really speak it.

Over 150 Audio Files (download): You can't get better if you don't practice! The audio files give you ample listen-and-repeat content. You'll learn how to practice difficult words and phrases with over 150 audio files featuring male and female voices, ready to download.

Over 200 Videos (streaming): The 290-page PDF is a lot more than text. Perhaps you've seen some of the Rachel's English videos before, one at a time, but didn't know where to start. Here, you'll find everything put together in a system, start to finish, with organized links to over 200 Rachel's English videos to stream over the internet.

If you want to download all 212 videos, you have to buy them here.  


  • Getting Started
  • Introduction to Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation
  • Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Consonants
  • Consonant Clusters
  • Rhythm and Intonation:  Multi-syllable Words
  • Linking
  • Rhythm and Intonation:  Stressed Words
  • Unstressed Words and Words that Reduce
  • Contractions
  • Gonna, Wanna, Gotta
  • Putting it All Together
  • Continuing to Work

What You Get

  • 290-page eBook with links to online video and audio
  • Over 150 mp3 audio files, uploaded individually for streaming through the Gumroad app, and as 4 zip files for easy download to your devices.  
  • If you want to DOWNLOAD the VIDEOS, you can buy a set to download here.


Alessandro Brandão -- English Experts, Brazil

By watching Rachel’s YouTube videos (on Rachel's English) I developed my American English pronunciation, rhythm and intonation. As soon as I heard about the book I got anxious to have it...It's definitely well-written and it has an amazing methodology. If you want to speak as accurate as an American native speaker, this book is a must-read!

Vicki Hollet -- Award winning ESL/ELT/EFL author and creator of Simple English Videos, US

A fresh perspective on English pronunciation packed with sensible advice. As you’d expect from Rachel’s YouTube videos, this book provides clear and helpful diagrams along with detailed descriptions of how to produce English rhythms and sounds. Rachel gives us an upfront and personal analysis of English pronunciation that’s both thorough, practical and inspiring. It’s a treasure for both teachers and learners.

Loinbo (刘臣洋) -- English Teacher, China

I was once an English teacher at New Oriental School, teaching basic oral English and New Concept English Book 2. But for me, there are various accent phenomena in American English which gave my young students and I many headaches until I was introduced to Rachel’s English.

Now, we have a book by Rachel: Concise, comprehensive and friendly words and audio recordings make it so much easier and helpful when you want to learn common and classical pronunciation such as Can vs. Can’t, reduction of SHOULD, GONNA, etc. I bet many English teachers here in China don’t know what "muna" is. I am so grateful that I have been inspired by Rachel’s English and hope every American English learner can join the beautiful journey along with Rachel :D!

Leandro Lima -- Environmental Engineer and English Enthusiast, Brazil

Even if speaking like an American is not your goal, be aware of what a native English speaker does unconsciously - reducing, linking, smoothing their lines - at a low pace, and broken into small pieces. It will help you to increase your ability to understand and express yourself better; this book shows you how a native speaker communicates in real life.

This book is essential for those who want to go into the vast field of American English sounds and its rhythm and melody. With a friendly and pleasant reading, in American English Pronunciation, Rachel conducts you from the most basic English sounds, going through consonant clusters, to reduction and linking, considering the most common hurdles that she has faced through her years of experiences, teaching people all over the world.

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