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Rachel's eBook, American English Pronunciation, organized over 200 of Rachel's online videos into a path, start to finish, to perfect your accent.  Previously available only to stream, you can now buy all 212 videos to download to your computer.  Don't have the book yet?  Get it here.  

Best for Computers

The 212 videos are zipped into several .zip files, ranging in size from 561MB to 2.4GB.  Those are large files, and unzipping can be difficult on mobile.  It is recommended that customers have a computer to download and unzip the files.  Then, you can transfer the videos to any device.  Total size of video collection is 11.75GB.  

Individual Videos Also Available

If it's more convenient for you to download specific videos instead of the zip files, each video is also available for individual download.  

Videos in English

Note:  These videos are in English with no subtitles.  

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